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Heart & Hand Society, Inc.

Cat Rescue & Sanctuary

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No, we are a small organization, and feel it is better for the cat/kitten to stay in his/her home until a new home is found. However, we can assist you in finding a new home by posting your cat on our website. Although we can advise you about screening techniques, etc., it will be your responsibility to find a new home for your cat/kitten. We would be searching for a new adopter from the same pool of potential adopters, so it would not be necessary for us to take possession of the cat/kitten. We will assist you in finding a new home, just as we would be searching. If you are looking for a new home due to moving, plan far in advance and start your search months before the planned move.


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Donations go toward rescuing and taking care of animals that are at risk of euthanasia or homelessness.


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Although we are not veterinarians, and will advise you to seek veterinary care, we are available to answer medical and behavioral questions.



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