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MJ's Animal Sanctuary was started to support unwanted, neglected, abused, and homeless animals. In this bad economy, "beloved" pets are facing a terrible fate. Owner surrendered pets, abandoned pets, and abuse cases are higher than ever. People who are evicted and must move are unable or unwilling to take their pets or bother to find them loving homes, so they dump them knowing they will be put to sleep. Nearly every animal brought to these facilities has received little or no vet care, and has not been spayed/neutered, adding to the overpopulation problem.

MJ's Animal Sanctuary, Inc. has begun to assist tireless volunteers at a high kill animal control facility in North Carolina. At this shelter, all the animals that are still there are euthanized every Friday morning. Every Thursday we are urgently pulling adoptable dogs out of there and working to arrange transport to Maryland where they can be vetted and re-homed. Only dogs that pass strict temperament testing are pulled and adopted out.

Dogs arriving at the sanctuary will have had all shots, be de-wormed, be vetted, and will be spayed/neutered prior to being adopted. In the unusual event that a dog is unable to be altered, adoptions can still take place pending agreement of date by which alteration must occur. We require an adoption agreement to be completed including the veterinarian that will provide the dog's medical care, 2 personal references, and when possible, a home check will be done to ensure the dog's safety.

Adoption fees consist ONLY of the costs incurred by the facility to rescue a particular dog. When we recoup the money put into one dog, we can turn around and save another dog's life. For more information on how to help, please email MJsAnimalSanctuary@gmail.com or call Beata Kinsey, Rescue & Adoptions Coordinator (301) 219-2159.
We have a variety of animals waiting for forever homes, so be sure to click on the featured pet above to visit that pet!


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Join our mailing list and receive a monthly newsletter with updates on all the animals. Keep informed on all the events going on here at the Sanctuary. Members also receive a free pass to the mini-zoo and a complimentary horse/pony ride.

 Sponsor An Animal 

Provide support for one specific animal or many animals. It can be strictly financial or can include visiting regularly and hands-on care of their sponsored animal. For more information see our page "Sponsorships".


Make a donation through Pay Pal and help us raise the funds needed to make repairs and build new housing.

Mail checks and make payable to:
Beata Kinsey
MJ's Animal Sanctuary, Inc., 501(c)(3)
P.O. Box 463
Bowie, MD 20718

When you clean out the garage remember the Sanctuary. You may be surprised at what we can use. See our "Wish List" for ideas.
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