Our Story - RACER

The decision to create SSLP was first thought up on July 14, 2015, when the following message was put on Facebook by our friends over at Mac the Pitbull:
"No matter how hard we all tried today, or how fast we "raced" to help this puppy he was needed at the bridge more than here.
My grunt saw a facebook plea for a sick puppy this morning and the photos of this puppy took her breath away. She reached out on facebook to help knowing my mission could provide him the care he desperately needed. We were quickly in contact with the person who had him.

We were unable to save him, but because of him, many more will be saved.

A nice woman (Dawn) found him in her yard out in the country in Cuba Missouri and put this plea out to get him help. After a public request for transport my aunt Annie and her daughter Stella went to meet Dawn to get the puppy. My grunt was driving from Cape Girardeau to St. Louis to get the puppy from Annie and bring him back to my vet. When aunt Annie saw how sick he was she called mom and it was decided to take him to an er clinic up in St. Louis. Annie was less than ten minutes away from that clinic! Racer took his last breaths as Annie was pulling near the er clinic. She handed him over to the er staff but it was too late, too late by a couple of days and he was in horrific shape the staff said.
What we don’t know: What caused Racer’s horrible injuries, some clearly long held and awful? No living creature should have endured the horrific injuries he sustained. Were they from him getting hit by a car, attacked by an animal, or intentional by a human? I will not put those injuries in your memory. The problem is nobody knows how he came to be in Dawn’s yard so who do we blame or if there is even someone to blame?

What I do know: We know Racer passed with people fighting their hardest to get him safe and healthy. We know he left us very much loved. We know when people act puppies like Racer don’t die alone. Racer will be cremated and always have a home with us.

We love you Racer… Run Free

- Mac

This showed our group that an emergency medical fund was desperately needed to help those that have no voice and no chance of surviving without someone (or a group of someones) to stand up and do what is needed to help those trying to help area pet animals. We were not created fast enough to save Racer, but we want to be there and have the help needed to save the next “Racer”. Won’t you help us with our mission?


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